JP & Eddy


JP was sired into a large French-Canadian family and gravitated toward music. The family didnít have much but nurtured as best they could JPís talent as a pianist and later organist. Angie followed JP around like a puppy dog through grammar school, high school, and, when JPís interests took an ecclesiastical turn, Angie sniffed and tracked him down at the monastery in Canada.

Mother Church couldnít compete with Mother Lust, so JP followed Angie back to Lynn.

They had five kids, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG by the rhythm method of birth control. Roman Catholicism through the act of reproduction had gained 5 new sheep, thus propagating and continuing its true faith.

Eddy was also French-Canadian but of a more prosperous disposition. He was the owner of a shoe leather finishing business. Eddy banged out 5 kids with Eve but probably by design rather than rhythm. His musical talents were limited to singing baritone in the menís choir.

So, how did these two of such disparate natures become conjoined at the butt? Simple Eddy sang in the choir that JP directed. During the Ď70s, they became bosom buddies. Their common interest was probably sex and although each had a feminine side, they leaned more toward the hetero than the homo. At first it seemed an unlikely friendship. Eddy had several devils in his eyes and was sensitive to the value of a good time. At a party, I can still see Eddy laugh like hell as he and JP share a ribald comment. But, on the whole, JP tended toward the straight and narrow.

JP seemed to become more grim after he chopped off the tips of the fingers of his right hand while attempting to dislodge an obstruction from an active snow blower. It was a tribute to his stoicism that, three days later, with bandaged fingers, he directed and accompanied the choir at the organ without missing a note or a beat.

One day, JP went through the change. Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hyde. JP gave up his position as choir director after wigging out one Sunday over something inconsequential at the nine oíclock Mass. He even gave up Eddy and disappeared into the anonymity of the woodwork. That was over 25 years ago.

Recently, I heard that JP had resurfaced and was playing organ for a small Catholic church in Lynn.

Eddy has given up his business, the choir, his family, and has moved to planet Alzheimer.

Oh well!